The Professional Hand-Pushed Road Line Marking Machine - Road Line Striper

In the realm of modern urban management and industrial applications, clear and lasting ground markings are crucial. Our hand-pushed road line marking machine stands out as one of the most advanced solutions on the market, meticulously designed to provide top-quality, cost-effective line marking services.

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Features of Line Marking Spray Machines - SCENTURY

High Efficiency

  • The line marking spray machine can complete large-area line marking in a short time, greatly saving time.
  • It can spray evenly, avoiding the need for rework due to uneven coating.
  • The paint dries quickly, reducing waiting time and improving work efficiency.

Ease of Operation

  • Features a user-friendly, intuitive control panel, making it easy to operate even for beginners.
  • The hand-pushed machine is easy to move, making it convenient to use in different work environments.
  • In addition to hand-pushed models, there are now models equipped with power-assisted vehicles for selection.

Precision Positioning

  • The line marking spray machine ensures the straightness and uniformity of the lines, guaranteeing precise and accurate marking.
  • Equipped with adjustable nozzles to meet different line width and thickness requirements.

Application Scenarios

  1. Provides clear traffic guidance and parking spot identification.
  2. Adaptable to various environments and needs, from city roads and parking lots to sports venues and industrial facilities.
  3. Industrial Applications Used in factory workshops, warehouses, and other areas to demarcate safety zones and guidance lines.
  4. Sports Facilities Used for professional line marking on sports fields.

Flow Rate of the Line Marking Machine

SCENTURY's ST-RM01/02/03/04 models have a flow rate of 2L/min to 3L/min and are categorized as line striping machines for small-scale projects.
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SCENTURY RM06 and RM07 have a flow rate of 4-5L/min and are professional-grade line striping machines. The RM07 model supports dual gun usage.
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SCENTURY ST-RM08/RM09/RM10/RM11 models have a flow rate of 8-10L/min and are large-scale project line striping machines. They can support four spray guns and allow simultaneous spraying with two different colors of paint.
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Classification of Road Line Marking Machines

Cold spray line marking machines and thermoplastic line marking machines (RM-H300), among which cold spray line marking machines are divided into: piston pumps, diaphragm pumps, and hydraulic piston pumps. Typically, line marking machines are powered by engines, but the latest models now also use lithium batteries as a power source, such as the ST-RM05.

RM-01 Road Line Striper - Diaphragm Pump

RM-H300 Termoplastic Road Marking Machine

RM-07 Airless Road Line Striper - Piston Pump

RM-09 Road Marking Machine -Hydraulic Pump

How to Use a Line Marking Machine

  • Sweep and level the line marking area, remove debris, dust, and oil stains, etc., to ensure the ground is dry.
  • If necessary, use markers or tape to pre-position the location of the lines.
  • Ensure the container in the line marking machine is filled with enough marking paint.
  • Check all parts of the line marking machine, such as nozzles and rollers, to ensure they are in good condition and working properly.
  • Prepare necessary safety equipment, such as reflective vests, safety helmets, protective glasses, etc.

Open the recirculation valve, turn on the machine switch, open the air gate, start the engine with the engine switch, close the air gate, and close the recirculation valve once recirculation is successful.

  • Test on an inconspicuous area or on test paper to ensure that the paint is sprayed evenly and the lines are clear.
  • Adjust the nozzle or flow controller until the desired line marking effect is achieved.
  • Place the line marking machine at the predetermined starting point.
  • Grip the handle firmly and slowly, steadily push the machine forward along a straight line or a pre-determined path.
  • Carefully maneuver the machine when turning or changing direction to ensure neat lines.
  • Maintain a steady pace to ensure line uniformity.
  • Stop if you encounter obstacles, and continue after clearing them.
  • If you need to pause, properly place the line marking machine and ensure no paint leakage.
  • After completing all line marking tasks, turn off the machine.
  • Clean the line marking machine, especially the nozzles and paint container, to prevent paint from drying and clogging.
  • Always wear appropriate safety equipment during operation.
  • Regularly check the various parts of the line marking machine and maintain it in good condition to extend its lifespan.

Special Function Accessories of the Line Marking Machine

HONDA Engine
HONDA Engine
automatic disconnection system

After setting, it can automatically spray lines of equal length and interval distances as per the settings.

Automatic Throttle Control System

The machine’s control board system can control the engine’s throttle by itself.

glass beads dispenser

Can spread glass beads simultaneously while marking lines.

floodlight and laser marker

Laser Guide: Used to assist spraying, ensuring the lines are straight. Can be used at night.

2-components system

Capable of supporting 4 spray guns and spraying two different colors of paint simultaneously

2-components system